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Alana Hayes is a singer/songwriter who released her first single, Jump In The Fire, in May of 2022. She has had a lifelong love of music and writing. Alana started off performing at open mics as a spoke word poet and has been published with various platforms (including Night Music Journal, Indolent Books, and Write, Bitch, Write!.) From here she moved into writing and recording her own songs.

Alana’s favorite genre of music is pop, but she also takes a lot of inspiration from country, indie, folk, and rock for her music as well.

She studied literature in school and this love of stories and storytelling is woven through much of her poetry and music even now. She has even been featured on the poetry podcast Poets and Muses when she discussed her poem: The Book of Vashti and the YouTube channel English Teacher KP where she discussed her song Jump In The Fire and it’s literary roots.


For all media inquiries, bookings or other questions, please refer to my management company Southwest Artist Group. They will be happy to assist you.

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